‘OW’ ‘OO’ ‘OH’ ‘UF’ ‘UCH’

No, I haven’t hurt myself, it’s just a collection of my favourite middle parts of words, words like  threw, throw, through, trough, tough, touch, toe and tow. Words that seemed especially designed to lurk and trip people up, particularly if you are not a native English speaker, though I have seen many a person for whom English is a first and only language fall down on these words.

Making a mistake with using one of these words can change the whole meaning of your sentence, now of course you can  brake your tow though it’s somewhat grammatically incorrect.  And you can break your tow but I think it’s a little harder to brake your toe’.

That sounds very painful and very much like something you want to avoid.

Sentences containing the words through and threw seem to trip people up,  you can ‘go through someone’s things’ it’s a bit harder to  ‘go threw someone’s things.   ‘He through her things out, as opposed to  ‘ He threw her things out’.

Of course this is where relying on a spell checker will let you down, as your spell checker won’t pick up on the fact that you have the wrong word in your sentence, it will make perfect sense to your spell checker, and unless you are closely watching your work, it will make perfect sense to you as well.

Trust me, after a while when you have been writing great swathes of words, page after page of writing, the most common mistakes that people make are words that sound the same, look similar, but have two very distinct different meanings.

And let me finish off on one of my pet peeves, the word  ‘drug’ as a past-tense of the word ‘drag’ it does not exist peoples,  you do not ‘drug yourself out of bed’ you might have ‘dragged yourself out of bed’ , and it’s quite possible that you ‘drugged yourself into bed’ with the aid of alcohol or sleeping tablets, but you certainly did not ‘drug yourself out of bed and into work‘.

That would imply that you need illegal substances to face your upcoming work day.

drag, dragged, dragging


drag, drug, drugged

We now return you to your regularly scheduled flame fest.

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