Exclamation Mark!! Exclamation Mark!! eleventyone!!111

I just finished a small proof reading and minor substantive edit for an aspiring writer, and while I’m impressed with her story idea and the overall execution, it reads much better now that I have removed the fiftyfive million (ok slight exaggeration) exclamation marks, or bangs or even points as I have people refer to them.

There is nothing wrong with the use of exclamation marks in the right place, but when you end up with a sentence that sounds like William Shatner was doing the delivery, it! loses! all! impact!.

Building excitement and moving the story along are excellent things, the use of a well placed exclamation mark can underpin a whole paragraph, lend an air of excitement to a passage and make you desperate to read the next paragraph to find out whats happening.

But it’s like using too, many, commas, to, break, up, your, sentence!. It! ruins! the! whole! flow!!

And on another note, using too many !!! in a row is a sign of a deranged mind, Sir Terry of Pratchett opines, and I agree!

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