Sieg Heil der grammar gruppenfuhrer

I have been accused on occasions of being a grammar Nazi, I prefer to think of
myself as someone who actually gives a damn about the impression I give with my
words and presentation.

I hear the argument that it’s only ‘the Internet, why should I bother if my grammar
is mangled- or if my spelling isn’t 100% all the time?’ My argument is why shouldn’t
you be bothered, of course with some fora on the Internet a certain degree of
informality is to be expected, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take at least
some care with how you execute your message.

Of course I must make it plain that I am not including people who have learning
disabilities or people to whom English is a second or third acquired language, I am
talking about people for whom English is their main language and who still manage to
mangle spelling and grammar to such an extent that their entire message is unreadable.

It is not hard to install a spell checker, despite my love/hate relationship with them
they are still something useful to have, with a lot of businesses these days having an
online presence, an email from you to them is often your first best chance to make an
impression, if your email looks like it escaped from a macro on ‘CuteOverload or
‘Icanhazcheeseburger then you won’t even make it into the ‘maybe’ pile.

That is not to say that in less formal environments like IRC/chat my spelling/grammar is
impeccable,  it isn’t, but in emails, when I am conducting business or talking to possible
clients then I am always doubly careful about not only using a spell checker, but in running
my eye over the email before I send it, it would hardly be a brilliant advertisement for
my business if my emails about correcting someone else’s spelling/grammar was full of easily
fixable errors.

That would be worthy of the ‘fail’ tag.

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