It’s just a little thing…

As the actress said to the Bishop.

I have a writer friend who is currently afflicted by that scourge known to writer-kind as writers block, she can see where the story will be ending up, but is at a loss to figure out how to get from here to there, all the usual tricks and tips have failed, including the time-honoured one of JUST WRITING, it makes no difference, and what makes this even more difficult is that she is writing what can only be described as softcore porn, so she is stuck on the hard stuff (no pun intended) of how to make sex scenes not only believable, but titillating as well.

Just recently I came across a post fromSailor Jim: How to write about Penises So I sent my writer friend this link after I had managed to stop laughing hysterically myself, because it is just as Sailor Jim writes, very hard to write a decent descriptive passage about a penis, erect or otherwise that doesn’t come across as either very purple prosey like, or uber clinical.

I am sure that the same could be said when writing porn about the female genitalia, with such descriptive words as ‘tight, smooth, billowing softness, glistening, engorged’ etc, thrown around, the choice seems to either become the Barbara Cartland of porn or Dr Joyce Brothers, using all anatomically correct terms.

As an ex-writer of porn myself I often re-read my writing and cringe somewhat at my choice of descriptive phrases, but the one thing I can honestly say is that I never had writers block, there was always something at hand that I could do.

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