I ain’t got no… double negatives

Say hello to one of the most painful facets of popular culture expressed in conversation, the double negative, mostly it appears they are used for emphasis, or to be sarcastic, however that doesn’t stop it from grating on the ears and the eyes, MY eyes in particular.

A lot of languages feature double negatives as a standard, English does not, and the most popular one seems to be “ain’t”, which according to popular thought is either  a contraction of  “are not” or  “am not” or even  in some bizarre form “have not”.

“Ain’t” is NOT a word, not a real word, it’s just a nasty piece of slanguage/vernacular which has crept into long term usage, polluting the eyes and ears of the readers and listeners.

  • I ain’t no Doctor
  • He don’t know nothing about anything
  • He doesn’t know nothing about nobody

The proper constructions are to either use the negative adverb or a noun of negation.

  • I am not a Doctor
  • He doesn’t know anything about anything
  • He knows nothing about nobody.

I realise of course that I am fighting a lone, losing battle against the forces of “ain’t” it’s been popularised so much that people think it’s a real word, a real valid contraction.

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