My pet peeves

No, I do not have a cat called Peeves, (my three feline Masters are Callista, Nyx and Bucky) though it’s a very cool name and would be an awesome pun, ‘this is my pet Peeves’. Ahem, excuse me sometimes I just can’t help myself.

This time I mean my pet grammar peeves, of which I have more than a few, okay, several hundred if you want to get picky about it.

I think the one that really gets my goat, and one which I have been guilty of a few times is the misuse of THERE, THEIR and THEY’RE, along with YOUR and YOU’RE.

Next on my list is LOSE and LOOSE, and then we have IT’S which is a contraction (and you all know how much I love me a good contraction) of IT IS and ITS which means ‘belonging to’.

Then we come to TO, TOO and TWO, simple little ones, but misusing these can really change the whole meaning of your sentence. THEN and THAN, then is an action word THEN something happened, THEN she went to the store, THEN she saw the blue Man.  THAN is a comparative word, you are comparing something with something else, i.e  ‘it was colder THAN the Moon, it was hotter THAN hell’.

Another one I see people misusing all the time is AFFECT and EFFECT, to AFFECT something is to change it in some way,  EFFECT is the indirect result of that change, like if you gave someone your nasty cold, you have AFFECTed them, (as well as INfected them) and the EFFECT would be that they now have to take several days off work. Oh and plus they REALLY hate you now for passing on your nasty arsed cold.

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