Attack of the ‘Wall of Text’

The following is what is known as a ‘wall of text’ an almost impenetrable mass of words, that may or may not make sense, may or may not be some of the best words ever written, but you’ll never know, because your eyes do a quick skim, notice there are no sentence breaks, no paragraphs, no capitalisation and your brain rejects it, and your eyes refuse to read more than the first two lines.

My inner grammar Nazi just curled up whimpering softly in the darkened corner.

Amen Angie [Harmon], finally a celebrity takes the words right out of my mouth. I could care less what color Obama is, its what he is doing as President that is important. Just because i think he is very inexperienced and why do people think he is such a good speaker when he always uses a teleprompter, he uses one for even the simplest of announcements and speeches, doesn’t sound like he’s that well spoken to me when you pay attention to when he uses one and when he doesn’t use one his speeches are awful. do research and look at his policies, and stop calling people rascist just because we don’t agree with his policies. people are just playing the race card to make us feel bad about the fact that slavery happened, and i think thats why some people continue to use that excuse, they want to blame us for what happened before alot of us were even born. why does everyone forget that he is half white and only focus on the fact that he looks black, people are always calling him the first black president, but in my opinion he is the first bi-racial president, i don’t see the color as being that important. who cares what color he is as long as he is a good President and so far he is already messing things up bigtime with the AIG scandal bonuses that HIS Treasury Department confirmed and put into the stimulus bill that no one who voted for it even read, and Obama promised that we would have access to reading it before it was voted on which he never did, that was just one of his many lies. if people would open their eyes and stop acting like he is their Savior or Messiah they would see that he really isn’t that smart or experienced, Sarah Palin had more experience than he did and he constantly put her down for not having any. i think people forget that he isn’t perfect, he isn’t going to pay your bills, or fill your car with gas, or pay for your healthcare or college, he just can’t do it without bankrupting this country..

It’s a run on verbal spew of words, the writer may have a point, it may indeed be something that we should care about, but if it looks like that, then who is going to take the time to read it properly.

And just let me add, that the opinions expressed are the opinions of the OP and not mine, I was just using it as a good example of why it pays to pay attention to your basic sentence structure, grammar and punctuation.

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