You and I aint no Movie stars, what we are is what we are…

(With apologies to Alice Cooper there)

I borrowed from Alice because it was cogent to what an avid reader (yes one of the three of you) asked me, it seems that all through school they often had trouble with deciding if You and I was right or if it was You and Me.

I was always taught that there was an easy way to decide which one to use, think of this sentence.

You and I need to have a talk.

Am I correct in saying You and I, or should it be You and me?

This appears to confuse a lot of people, not just my loyal reader *grin*

The easy way I was taught was that you drop the word you, then you try the sentence using I and me one at a time, for example:

  • I need to have a talk
  • Me need to have a talk

It’s obvious from that that the proper one to use in this case is I, so I was correct with you and I

You can use this method all the time, take this example:

She’s not going to be happy with you and I.

Drop the word you then try the sentence with I and me again:

  • She’s not going to be happy with I.
  • She’s not going to be happy with me.

From this you can see that the second one makes much more sense and is actually good grammar.

So my original sentence should have been

She’s not going to be happy with you and me.

I hope that makes it easier for people to remember.

As a matter of politeness it has always been considered far more courteous when using phrases such as you and me, you and I or even them and us, to put the reference to yourself last.

Which is why it is Miss Manners approved to go:

  • She’ll talk to you and me later.

instead of:

  • She’ll talk to me and you later.

Informally I don’t think that will bring the wrath of the grammar nazis down on your shoulders, but when you’re using it in a formal setting, it would be nice to make Miss Manners proud.


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