Blogging, for what it’s worth.

Pardon my absence but second sesmester Uni is in full swing and I am snowed under by essays, assignments, books I have to read, films I have to watch, badly put together Powerpoint displays and PDFs that look like several monkeys had a hand in making them.

One of the sections of my media studies shtick is all about the “new Media” i.e the internet, blogging, IMs, message boards etc.

And it posed the question, ‘have you ever read anything on a blog/journal that made you change your mind about a given topic?’

I’m not talking about a blog run by a professional, someone who is expected to know his or her stuff, I’m talking about your average run-of-the-mill blogger.

Someone like me for instance.

If you have and you feel like sharing, please do.

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