Humpty Dumpty

I read with a great deal of displeasure that the BBC is bowdlerising Humpty Dumpty to make it less scary for children, this rampant need we feel now-days to make things ‘nice’ for the current and future generations is ridiculous, we’ll end up with a whole slew of kids who don’t know what it’s like to lose at games, because there are no winners or losers, just players, no idea that the world can be a nasty scary place because Mummy and Daddy shield them from anything remotely scary, like nursery rhymes that mention falling and not being able to be put back together again.

No sense of history because we edit books and cartoons to take out anything that our modern day delicate sensibilities might find the slightest bit disturbing. Yes Noddy and no Golliwogs, I’m looking right at you, the same with Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin is NOT a girl, girls don’t need token girls to be able to enjoy books, good characters make books, not the gender.

I’m surprised that they haven’t hacked at Alice in Wonderland, after all, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, isn’t that making fun of both EGGS and Little People?

I read with a great deal of joy Little Black Sambo and that didn’t make me once think that it was poking fun or making racial slurs against people of colour, children DON’T make those distinctions, adults make those distinctions and then apply them without thinking.

If we continually erase where we’ve been and change what was, then eventually there will be this whole sanitised history and problems like racism will still exist and we’ll have NO idea why or how, or how we used to think. Erasing history means we are doomed to repeat it over and over again.


/end rant

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