Ninja Grandad

For an old man well into his 70’s my Father moves surprisingly fast and quietly, his eldest granddaughter has a new nickname for him ‘Ninja Grandad’.

A couple of weeks ago I rang Dad to ask him if he could take some accumulated rubbish to the tip for me, after it was all gathered up there was about six of those big orange garden waste rubbish bags, a few smaller of the green ones and several old and decomposing boxes.

Dad called me and said he would be there on the saturday morning between 9-10, so we were all up earlyish(for a saturday) ready and waiting to help him haul the bags from near the gate to the back of his car.

Around 9.30 ish my friend went to the toilet and on his way back looked out the window, he came back in and said that either someone had stolen all our rubbish or that my Dad had been and gone.

We didn’t even HEAR anything at all, he didn’t come and knock on the door, didn’t toot the horn, made NO noise heaving all those heavy bags around, I texted him and told him that his granddaughter was peeved because she was all ready to go with him to the tip and help him carry the bags, and that she now called him “Ninja Grandad”.

I think that tickled his funny bone a bit, but seriously, how does one somewhat elderly man with a dicky knee and a dodgy hernia heave all those bags without making even the slightest noise?

He said that he wasn’t sure if we were awake or not, so he didn’t want to disturb us!

Now I am somewhat amused, bemused and slightly worried, my sister is getting a new car so she is giving Dad her old one, and he decided that he would give us his old one, it’s nothing spectacular, but it runs. Now every time I hear a car I look out the window and wonder if I’m going to see my Ninja Dad stealthily driving a car into our driveway and then just as stealthily departing, rather like the tooth fairy, or in his case the Ninja Car Dad Fairy.

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