Review: Ancient Adventures – Gift of Zeus

I have finally finished this game, and I say finally because it seemed like it was going to be never-ending, more on that later, as I said before I was going to review games based on the following criteria:-

  • playability
  • ease of mini games
  • overall feel
  • content

I feel like I should institute a scoring system out of  ten for each category, along with some explanation as to why I am marking it so.

Back story;

These can be very important as sometimes they give you little clues as to what you are looking for or how the over all game will play out, the back story to this one is that some Evil Magician (we never see him) has stolen Thetis’ necklace, this necklace was from Zeus and Zeus will be pissed if the necklace isn’t returned, it’s your job to get the Pearls back that form the necklace, standard stuff, though also we find out that the Evil Magician has opened a portal to the underworld where the Titans have been trapped and plans to let them loose to kill all the Gods, and we can’t have that, so you have two jobs to do.

Along the way you also get to collect small pink gems, these gems make up various artifacts that will reduce the amount time your hint button takes to fill up, the amount of time the skip button takes to be usable and the amount of time your cursor will be unusable if you click randomly too many times.


The screens were a bit TOO cartoony for my liking, I actually prefer more photo realistic presentations, it makes working out what is what a lot easier, that being said, this is a very very easy game to play, none of the searchable screens are incredibly difficult,  and the hint button doesn’t take a great deal of time to refill. This is an excellent game for a newcomer to HOGs to pick as their starting game, it doesn’t require any backtracking, the game process is linear and the storyline unfolds nicely.


Ease of mini games

These were actually not too bad, there were a couple that I used the skip button on, not because they were hard they were just taking a long time to complete, there was only one that I took one look at and then waited patiently for the skip button to fill, so out of the entire game that’s not too bad ratio for me.


Over all feel

As I said this is an excellent game for a newcomer to HOGs to play, for myself unfortunately I was so very bored by the time I finished it that it ruined what should have been a good experience, this game I feel was about three chapters too long, it seemed that I’d no sooner think that this was the last screen, when voila, another three locations appeared on the map screen, if they’d tightened the game play up, this could have been a really good game for all level of HOG players, as it is, I’d only recommend this to beginners as an ideal game, for everyone else, there are better games to be had.



Solidly G rated all the way, there is nothing offensive, scary or even the slightest bit off-putting in this game, it’s very cutesy and cartoony.


Overall score


This is not a bad game, it’s just overly long and a little bit simple and easy, which as I said makes it an ideal game for a newcomer to HOGs, as for anyone else, if you’re bored and just want a little bit of mindless easy HOG-ing, well there are worse games to pick.

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