Review- SkyMist: The Lost Spirit Stones

I have just this very minute finished playing this game, so I shall review it while it is all still very fresh in my mind.


You are a friend of the Princess, unbeknownst to you evil Magician Brandolph has transformed himself into the Princesses new main squeeze, in the guise of Prince William, Brandolph tricks you into completing a magic spell that transforms the realm of SkyMist into a grotty decayed post apocalyptic urban landscape.

It is now your job, with the added cheer squad of Alice who pops in to give you encouraging gee-ups every so often, and the disguised Prince William who is doing his level best to turn the Princess against you, by telling the Princess that it’s all your fault that SkyMist is buggered, well technically it is, since you were the patsy that completed the spell, to return the hidden spirit stones to the three discs and then return each disc to the castle, completing the mini game therein.

  • playability

This is a moderately easy game to play, it’s easy to get into, the objects are sometimes very well hidden, and there are some parts of the searching that require you to complete tasks, which may not appear to be instantly intuitive, with a little bit of thinking you can complete all the tasks. If you get stuck there is an excellent walk through available on BigFish games.

This is a very large game, so you’re going to spend more than a few hours playing it, it’s a good game to play in small doses, unless you are like me and want to find out what happens, and if you just happen to like finishing things once you’ve started.

The graphics are very well done, it’s not overly childish or twee, which it could be, or very dark and dirty, which it also could be,  all in all this is a very well done game.


  • ease of mini games

None of the mini games are exactly onerous, there were a couple that I used the skip on, but that was due to my own inability to figure out how to do them, the three main end games for each of the completed spirit stone discs were somewhat harder, as it should be, than the mini games within the main game, and the last game on the last disc eluded me completely, but again that was due to my own inability to grasp how to do it, I am not good with arranging things in patterns and sequences.

There is lovely surprise once you finish the last game for the disc, and I wont spoil it for you, but suffice to say you need to be quick on the clicking.


  • overall feel

Overall, this is a very very good HOG, I’d say it was more suited to an intermediate player, rather than a beginner, some of the in-game puzzles are not intuitive and might frustrate a just starting out player, however it is a game that can be enjoyed more than once.


  • content

Nothing squicky or gross to see in this one, a definite G rated game.


Final Words:

I thoroughly enjoyed playing this one, I like a game that makes me think and uses the puzzles intelligently, the story is very linear with no backtracking, so that makes it so much easier to play, a game I think that most HOG players will definitely enjoy.

Total score 32/40

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