Rachel’s Coming Home – Russell Morris


One of THE classic Australian anti-Vietnam war protest songs from 1970, sung by the sublime Russell Morris and written by Raymond Froggert.

Over 50,000 Australian Men and Women served and fought during the course of the Vietnam war, over 500 service personnel lost their lives, the Vietnam war was not widely supported in Australia, and as a consequence the soldiers returning from the war were often treated very badly, in spite of the fact that they were all conscripts and none of them wanted to be there.

It was a very shameful part of Australia’s history and the returning Vets were denied a welcome home parade, an honour that had been given to every other returning war Veteran since the Crimean War, this was finally rectified in 1987 when a Welcome Home Parade was held in Sydney. Finally some Vets could begin to heal their wounds from fighting in a war no one wanted and that no one wanted to be involved with.

This video always make me cry.




Rachel’s Coming Home

Gather round on ma’s knee,
to read this weeks letter.
I wonder what will be,
we hope the news is better.

The men here die like flies ma,
I bandaged their blinded eyes ma,
And the kids with their aching feet
Aint got nothing to eat ma.

The hospital has no door dad,
Soldiers lie on the floor dad,
Oh I did my best,
but I cant take anymore dad

Rachel’s Coming Home
Rachel’s coming home
Oh and i don’t think She’ll go away a gain
Rachel’s seen the light
World too big to fight
and I don’t think she’ll go away again

My dear family
the world and people in it
go the way they will
but there is not a man
Black or White
who can never hope
to stop them

5 responses to “Rachel’s Coming Home – Russell Morris

  • Martine Sloan

    Hi all, My daughter Rachael was missing for 10 years and everytime this was played on the radio it made me cry but gave me hope. Rachael came home!


  • Tony Munden , I livr ie Dunedin New Zealand

    I hear Rahels coming home on the Coast radio NZ during the night from time to time.. It fills me with a deep sadnes I find too hard to describe. That is is about all I can say. Except when it is played I live again with Rachel in this most discraceful and shocking experience ‘ probably only one of many from the Viet Nam war.
    Tony Munden


  • Cassandra Lawson

    Thank You!
    We all need to be reminded.
    I was part of this era, I lost school friends who were conscripted.
    They never came home alive.
    Thank you Russell for a truthful song, sang with such emotion.


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