Bat Out Of Hell – MeatLoaf

Today would have been my beautiful Mums 75th birthday, so in her honour I am posting one of her most favourite songs ever, Bat Out Of Hell by MeatLoaf, Mum loved this album so much, she wore through two cassettes and one LP of Bat Out of hell before it became available on CD.

I have many many memories of my Mum singing along to the entire LP, but the song Bat Out Of Hell was her definite favourite from it, I can still see her standing in the kitchen with the stereo turned up as loud as it could go, belting out Bat Out Of Hell as loud as she could.

Mum loved this song so much that she asked for it to be played at her funeral, which is what we did, it may have shocked a few of Mums’ more staid relatives, but it was the least we could do for her. I remember sitting there with tears streaming down my face as the opening bars of Bat Out Of Hell rang out, but then I couldn’t also stop from smiling as I remembered how much joy Mum got from this album, mind you then it took me several years until I could listen to Bat Out Of Hell myself without  crying, which I don’t think MeatLoaf ever intended.

So Happy Birthday to my darling most wonderful Mum, I miss you more than ever and love you more than ever, I can’t promise I won’t cry as I sing along this time.









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