Nessum Dorma

No I haven’t gone all Opera on you, this is just a quick PSA for all those lovely operatic types who appear on (Insert Countries Name here) Got Talent, yes indeed Nessum Dorma is a lovely stirring piece, especially if you possess a brilliant set of pipes, with excellent pitch, gorgeous delivery and excellent breathing control, in short if you are Luciano Pavarotti.

However if you appear on X’s Got Talent it’s safe to say that you aren’t Pavarotti, and that you probably don’t even come close to being Pavarotti, so by the love of all that’s holy and good in singing, please do NOT be singing Nessum Dorma. I know it fulfills several functions, the main one being it’s an operatic piece that just about every man and his dog knows, it’s a somewhat forgiving piece and yes when you hit those high sustained notes it makes you sound almost passable.

There are hundreds if not thousands of other opera pieces that you could sing, some almost as well known as Nessum Dorma, what about something from What’s Opera Doc though don’t be surprised if someone starts singing along with “KILL DA WABBIT, KILL DA WABBIT’, oh hell why not just go on and play Elmer Fudd as a straight piece, that would be just awesome.

If you really must sing something in Italian, then let me tell you A Whiter Shade Of Pale sounds awesome when sung in Italian, as do most things, look it served Il Divo and Paul Potts well, instead of inflicting Nessum Dorma on us again, think laterally, what about McArthur Park in Italian, that way you can be obscure and baffling at the same time.

What’s Opera Doc with a real orchestra!






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