He’s Gonna Step On You Again – Party Boys’

Normally I do not like cover versions of songs, there are very few cover versions that are better than the original, but in this case The Party Boys’ version of the John Kongos’ classic from the 70’s is so much better than the original,  it has more depth and power, due in part to the double drumming and the awesome lead vocals of John Swan.

The Party Boys were an Australian supergroup which had a revolving door of local and international band members, since being formed by Mondo Rock’s Paul Christie in 1982.

This line-up of The Party Boys features Paul Christie (ex-Mondo Rock) on drums, Richard Harvey (ex-Divinyls) on 2nd drums, Kevin Borich (ex-La De Da’s), Alan Lancaster (ex-Status Quo), John Brewster (ex-Angels/Angel City) and John Swan (aka Swanee and ex-Feather singer) on lead vocals.

Other members to pass through the Party Boys door are as follows:

Harvey James (Sherbet 1982)
Graham Bidstrup (Angels/GANGgajang 1982)
Shirley Strachan (Skyhooks 1984)
James Reyne (Australian Crawl 1982)
Richard Clapton (1984)
Robin Riley (ex-Rose Tattoo 1984)
Mark Hunter (Dragon 1985)
Angry Anderson (ex-Rose Tattoo 1985)
Graham Bonnett (ex-Rainbow/Alcatrazz 1988)
Joe Walsh (ex-James Gang/Eagles 1988)
Eric Burdon (ex-Animals 1989)
Ross Wilson (ex-Daddy Cool/Mondo Rock 1989)
Brad Carr (ex-Choirboys 1990)
Steve Williams (ex-Wa Wa Nee 1990)
Mark Evans (ex-AC/DC 1992)
Barton Price (ex-Models/Mondo Rock 1992)


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