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CV or not CV

One of the most important documents that a person can write, especially in this economic climate is your resume.

At this point in time it is a good idea to decide what sort of resume you are going to write.

The resume style you choose for your job resume is determined by the goal you have for your career. If you are seeking a job in your field and have experience, use a chronological resume. This resume starts with your most recent job and works backward. Conversely, if you are seeking a new type of work, you may want to consider the functional/combination resume. This style groups your skills together and includes a short chronological work history at the end.

There are, however, four different styles of resume. The most common resume style is chronological. The others are functional, skills and imaginative. Let’s look briefly at each.

Functional Resume Style

The functional resume style is common as well and is often used by job candidates who’ve held internship positions. The point of the functional resume style is to focus on the work experience you have had that gives you experience and a background for the job you now seek.

With this functional resume style you only include work experience, internships and volunteer activities that are pertinent to the position you now seek. You don’t need to list them in chronological order – and in fact generally won’t.

What’s important is that you first list the job that displays the most relevance and expertise for the job you now seek. If the employer or firm for which you were interned or volunteered for is an impressive noteworthy name then start with company name big and bold. If that is not the case, then start with your job title. Whichever you choose this is the pattern and resume style you should know follow throughout this resume.

Skills Resume Style

The skills resume style may be the ideal resume style for college students and recent graduates whose job experience consists of several short term unrelated jobs but whose tasks at each honed skills related to the job for which they now are applying. The skills resume style may well be the best choice for someone who wants to make a career change.

What a skills resume style focuses on are not the industry tasks that you’ve become acquainted with but the overall skills that you’ve learned, such as project management, customer service, conflict resolution, teamwork and communication, for example.  Your listings of job, internship or volunteer experience would not have to follow any chronological order here. You’d start with the job that shows the most advanced level of experience pertinent to the job for which you are applying and then work backward to the least pertinent, excluding any that are not pertinent.

Imaginative Resume Style

An imaginative resume style is best for someone seeking a position that requires that you demonstrate individuality and creativity. Examples of the jobs for which this resume style would be effective are architecture, graphic arts or creative writing. In an imaginative resume style you could combine your text with graphic art, with creative layout, perhaps even color (though this can get costly for hard copies) and various fonts, borders, background shadings and images.

The use of an imaginative resume style would depend on the firm to which you are applying. Some firms are more traditional and even with an application for a creative position might be too non-traditional. Research the firm well before deciding to proceed with an imaginative resume style.

Above all else, remember to proofread your resume carefully, from top to bottom and then from bottom to top, check every ambiguously spelt word to be certain you are using the right one, the spell checkers can pick up egregious spelling mistakes, but they will not pick up the use of too, to, two, or there, their and they’re in the wrong context.

That is your job; if possible get someone else to also run an eye over your resume checking for general grammar and spelling mistakes, also for tone and style, to give yourself the best possible chance in today’s climate it is wise to use ALL avenues at your disposal.