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My year in KPop

The inaugural Ahjumma Top ?? for 2012

These are MY favourite songs for 2012, they are in NO particular order and because I am relatively new to KPop some of these songs are not from this year, but are ones that other people pointed out or I stumbled on them, so these songs were ALL new to me and that’s what counts. 
All of SuperShow 4 from Super Junior live in Tokyo
Highlight of which was Shindong dressed as Maria from The Sound Of Music, with Siwon as the Captain and the rest of SuJu as the Von Trapp children. Also the fact that they actually let Henry and Zhou Mi SING and do the ending with them, ELFs need to treat Henry and Zhou Mi better.
Love Style – Boyfriend
Hot Boy – Big Star
Stand Up- J-Min
Not Over You – Nu’Est
Lunatic – Smash
Fantastic Baby – Big Bang
Janus – Boyfriend
Mama – Exo-M
Right Now – Psy
Superman – Super Junior
Rokuko – Super Junior
I Don’t Know – TVXQ
Catch Me – TVXQ
Warrior – B.A.P
Beautiful Night – B2ST
Nillili Mambo – Block B
Chu – f(x)
Nu Abo – f(x)
DoraDora – NEP
Face – Nu’Est
Lucifer – SHINee
Triangle – BoA, Traxx
Dazzling Girl – SHINee
A-Cha – SuperJunior
Believe – U-Kiss
Hurry Up – 24K
Promise You – Anyband-TPL
Action – Nu’Est
Hurray for Idols – Timez
Bad Boy – 100%
Gee – SNSD
Humanoids – TVXQ
No Mercy – B.A.P
1234 – Lee Hi
1000 Years Always by Your Side – SHINee
Keep Your Head Down – TVXQ
Here I Stand – TVXQ
Caffeine – Yang Yoseob
Up – Epik High ft Bom
Hoot – Girls Generation
Let The Wind Blow – Led Apple
She Is My Girl – S4 ft HyunA
Mirotic – TVXQ
To You – Teen Top
Sexy Love – T-ARA
Mr Simple – Super Junior
Emergency – SMASH
Flower – SNSD
Plan B – Attack
Hero – A-Peace
History – Exo-M
Power – B.A.P