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T.V Shows I Just Did Not ‘GET’.

This is another post entirely devoid of anything at all to do with English or Grammar or anything else in between.

Over the years there have been quite a few ‘tv phenomenoms’ that I just haven’t been able to get just why people rave over them and watch them religiously, and even more so, get very rabid about them to the point of fan fic and slash.
My extensive list of tv shows that I just don’t ‘get’ goes like this.

1: Seinfeld This man is just not funny, and his bunch of whiny self obsessed friends were as about as funny as nails on a blackboard, that whole whiny sense of self entitlement just turned me off, totally

2: The Simpsons sure it was funny for the first two seasons, but after that, god help us, how much of this unfunny boorishness can people stand, year after year after year

3: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Never understood why people loved this show so much, if ever a show screamed volumes about the writers/producers ego, this show was it, it was trite, took itself far to seriously and wandered off into the realms of idiocy far too often

4: Everybody Loves Raymond NO THEY DON’T… I wanted to slap him upside the head, repeatedly, enough said

5: Firefly Good god, you’d have thought that this was the second coming of all that was holy and good, umm NO. And the fans, god save me from the fans who still can’t let go of this mediocre show.

6: The Office (UK version) No, just no, Ricky Gervais and his minimal range of facial tics that pass for acting made this show unwatchable. Gervais plays himself no matter what role it is, and that makes whatever he is in, unwatchable

7: All US remakes of brilliant UK comedy shows (the Office excluded) including, Coupling, Men Behaving Badly, Man About The House, All in the Family, George and Mildred etc etc etc.

8: The X Files Didn’t we suffer enough with this show lasting about three seasons longer than it should have, only now to be inflicted with a movie about it as well?.  Someone must have needed the money thats all I can say

9: Prisonbreak How many frickin times can one man go to prison and escape, three it seems, this is a case where the death penalty is needed
10: Heroes All I can say is… WHAT HAPPENED? one of the best fresh new ideas to come out of the bloated carcass that is hollywood since Lost, and you fucked it up. I am so over Heroes now, its time has been and gone, Lost is heading that way too.

11: Star Trek Come on people, it was at best a mediocre tv show when it came out, do we really need another movie about it. (though ST:IV The Voyage Home, is one of my fave movies of all time.. I mean it has WHALES!!)


STOP! Grammar Time

I found this in my collection of funny things, I have a feeling that it came from an old LiveJournalpost I saved. I don’t know the original authors.

And now, a word from MC Grammar.

“Can’t read dis.”
Daaaa na na na… naaaaaa na.
“Can’t read dis.”
Daaaa na na na… naaaaaa na.
“Can’t read dis.”
Daaaa na na na… naaaaaa na.
“Can’t read dis.”
Daaaa na na na… naaaaaa na.
The spelling’s butchered so hard
makes me say, “Oh my lord!
What is this garbage here?
Wanna cover my eyes, burst into tears.”
I can’t…ignore this stuff.
My inner grammar-nazi makes it too rough.
Capital “I”s are somethin’ we need,
and that’s the reason why (uh!) I can’t read.

This just tickled my inner grammar nazi and made me laugh so much.

How ‘U’ doin’?

While I admit that sometimes it feels like I am fighting a rearguard AND losing battle against the decline of general good English and grammar, I like to think that I am still somewhat flexible and not really a horrible grammar Nazi; insisting on perfection in every single written thing I see.

It breaks my heart to see certain things,  I can accept a certain laxness of spelling and grammar in highly informal settings like IRC, or on IMs, where people using ‘u’ and ‘r’  or not even bothering with capitalisation is the norm, that I can grit my teeth and get over, because I admit that on occasions my own spelling leaves a little to be desired and I too have suffered from ‘fat finger’ syndrome, even on a full sized keyboard.

What I cannot and will not accept is that style of communication in an environment that is meant to be formal, especially one that is dedicated to the formal study of English. One of my courses involves participation in an online discussion, the participation counts towards part of your marks, not a vast amount but in my opinion, every little bit counts.

When what is supposed to be a serious, formal discussion about English and the facets that are involved in the course is peppered with things like

‘How u doin on the assig, im not sure i have all da facts i need, r u goin to aks for a extension, i thinks u should so u can help me with mine’


‘i feel like i have been writin this same page 4 eva, noone sed it was gonna b this hard’

I can only hope that they are trying to graduate with a degree in txtspk or lolcat.

P.S and my own inbuilt grammar checker just nearly had a conniption with the above sentences.

I don’t think that means what you think it does.

To all intense and purposes.

Pedal to the medal.

I could care less.

These are somewhat of a pet peeve of mine, I don’t mind if you use cliches, but I do mind if you use them and get them wrong, and then insist that you aren’t wrong, and even when shown a definitive source will still insist that you are right and that the OED and all other sources are wrong.

I can understand how it is possible for someone to get these and many others wrong, after all most people do not sound out each and every syllable of a word in a sentence and when you speak quicky  ‘to all intents and purposes’ sounds very much like ‘to all intense and purposes’, however when you write it down it should be very obvious that intense in that sentence does not make sense or fit in with the rest of it.

The same with ‘pedal to the metal’ spoken quickly it can sound like ‘pedal to the medal’ however once you write it down the same thing applies, knowing that it means to ‘put your foot down’‘ or to just hurry up at full speed, then medal just does not fit or make sense.

And using ‘could care less’ instead of the obvious ‘couldn’t care less’ is just sheer laziness, just analysing the saying should show you why you are making a mistake, obviously if you could care less then you do care at least somewhat.

I could write whole pages on sayings that people mangle, most are just due to mishearing things, when you say them the glaring error isn’t quite so obvious, but when you write them down, and insist that you know better than the whole combined intellectual might of the OED, then I will call you on them.