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Oh what a disaster…Movie.

I am I must admit a complete disaster movie nerd, show me a movie that involves shit being blown up, collapsing, on fire and just generally disingerating and then I am in heaven!

I blame my Mum who took me to the drive-in to see   Airport ’70 when I was six years old, that closely followed by such gems as  The Poseidon Adventure in ’72 (The film remake was ok, the mini-series remake with Steve Guttenberg and terrorists??? terrorists? was dreadful) it reached its zenith in the mid 70’s with the classics of the genre in  the  The Towering InfernoEarthquake and Airport  1975.

All movies that my Mum took me to see and I loved so much, this has continued on til today when I will happily watch any and all movies that premise shit blowing up, buildings falling down, California dissapearing into the ocean (that seems to be a favourite amongst the people who make mini series) and general mayhem and destruction.

So it probably comes as NO surprise to anyone that I REALLY want to see 2012 even though I know it’s got a ridiculous plot line, the story and science has holes you can drive a really big truck through, I don’t care. Shit blows up, buildings collapse, California drops into the sea, what more could you possibly ask for??

The delightful Cleolinda Jones has written a new Movies in Fifteen Minutes about 2012 which just made me want to see it even more, now I can appreciate the whole scale badness on a deeper level. I expected no less from Roland Emmerich who is behind some of my all time favourite disaster/blowing shit up movies ever.

In no particular order my all time favourite disaster/blowing shit up movies are:

  • The Poseidon Adventure
  • The Towering Inferno
  • Earthquake
  • Volcano
  • Twister
  • Independence Day
  • Armageddon
  • Deep Impact
  • The Day After Tommorrow
  • 10.5
  • Supervolcano
  • Flood
  • Category 6: Day of Destruction
  • Scorched
  • The Quiet Earth
  • The Day After (which really freaked me out)

And last night I DVR’d  Impact which I look forward to watching soon, how can you turn down a mini series about the Moon getting hit by a meteor and cracking up??? What is NOT to like.

At least it’s NOT sparkly, stalky vampires!


Seven books (series) I will never read again.

I LOVE reading, love is perhaps not even a strong enough word to describe the pleasure that I get from reading, there was a time, when I could devour 15-20 books a week. My local library relaxed the borrowing limit for me from 10 books at time to however many I could find. I’d read the books I’d got out and then go on to read the books that my Mum had checked out as well.

So of course that meant that I came into contact with all sorts of genres, my Mum loved crime novels, so I read Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh, Ellery Queen, Ed McBain,  and hundreds of brilliant crime writers. Then I moved onto autobiographies, David Niven’s witty and brilliant The Moon’s a Balloon” was the first one I read, followed by Errol Flynn’s “My Wicked Wicked Ways”.

I read all of Gerald Durrell’s amazing books about his family and the zoos and catching animals for them, and then on to the wonderful “My Friend” books by Jane Duncan and also the ones under her pen name of Janet Sandison, the lovely “Jean In…” books.

I read just about everything I could get my hands on, and then, then I found Fantasy and SF books and knew that I had found my home. These books were the ones for me.

I devoured all the books I could get my hands on, I read authors from A-Z and back again, some books I read over and over again, some books I hold in the highest esteem, along with the Authors, and then there were the books that I read once and that was more than enough.

Of course what books each of us likes is a very subjective thing, I know of quite a few people who think that Tolkien is rubbish (heresy, pure and simple) and more than a few who think that Stephanie Myers and the Twilight series are the epitome of excellent writing (poor deluded fools).

So my list of books that I read once and will never EVER read again might possibly contain some of your most loved books of all time, by your favourite author in the world, you are welcome to your opinion, as I am mine.

Books I WILL never read again!

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant: Stephen Donaldson. These books were all the rage when I was in college, everyone was reading them, I read them all and for the first time was filled with an overwhelming urge to STRANGLE the lead character. He DIDN’T STOP WHINGING for the whole six books, I wanted Lord Foul to win, to crush, kill maim and destroy TC. QUICKLY.

The Wheel of Time: Robert Jordan. Yes I know the man is dead and I know there are millions of people who were pissed that he died before he finished. Amongst the logorrhoea that bloats the corpse of the WoT series there is a brilliant story, it just needed a damn good editor to cut out all those pages and pages of NOTHING happening.

The Sword of Shannara: Terry Brooks. Little people going on a search for a magic item, with a cranky old Wizard along for the ride. HELLO, blatant rip off LOTR. I read the first four Shannara books, never again. I am told that the later books actually have an original story line, but I am permanently scarred by reading the first ones.

Pandora by Holly Hollander: Gene Wolfe. Gene Wolfe is usually an acquired taste like Brian Aldiss, but I do like some of his stuff, however this book is forever ruined for me. The first 120 odd pages are brilliant, it’s a great storyline, and then on page 121 Wolfe must have realised he only had half a page left in which to finish the story and he wrapped up the entire book in ONE paragraph, a deus ex machina of the like I had never seen before or since.

The Chronicles of the Age of Darkness: Hugh Cook. A 10 novel extravaganza that was supposed to be upwards of 60 books, trust me 10 was about 7 too many, predictable, plodding and pointless, like WoT a good kernel of an idea, ruined by excess verbiage.

Mirror of Her Dreams: Stephen Donaldson. You think I would have learnt my lesson with TCTC, but no, I gave him a second chance, and this book has the distinction of being the ONLY book I have ever thrown at a wall.

The Xanth Books: Piers Anthony.  Every ones favourite purveyor of smutty double entendre book titles, I was actually shocked to read that Anthony was STILL writing these tacky tacky books. I have all the books up til The Colour of Her Panties and then it really hit me just how bad the quality had become and I stopped buying them. Anthony has written some very good books, I love his Incarnations of Immortality books, which had a very interesting underlying idea.

So what are some books that you have read and will never read again, for whatever reason?